Adam's NEW Circle Air Fresheners (DETAIL SPRAY SCENTED)

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Adam's Air Fresheners     •    New Modern Design!    •    Detail Spray Scented    •    Easy Add On To Any Order!    •    Lasts For WeeksAir Fresheners have been a hit so we went to work designing one...

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Adam's Air Fresheners

    •    New Modern Design!
    •    Detail Spray Scented
    •    Easy Add On To Any Order!
    •    Lasts For Weeks

Air Fresheners have been a hit so we went to work designing one that looks a bit different! A new circular cut keeps your car smelling fresh with a more modern feel.

Our #1 best-selling Adam's Detail Spray is known for its incredible shine, but its also known for its amazing smell. Ask any customer and they'll tell you the same - The scent of Adam's Polishes Detail Spray is almost an addiction. Well, now you can enjoy that amazing smell inside your car as well!

For years our customers have wanted our Detail Spray scent in an air freshener and now we have them, ready to make your interior smell awesome all the time. Each scented disc includes an elastic hang strap so you can display it prominently from your rear view mirror or more discretely from your steering column. The two sided design features the Adam's logo and on the reverse our iconic label car, so when someone asks what that amazing smell is you can show them exactly how you got your shine and your smell!

Our team spent many hours researching perfume and scent chemistry to make sure the air fresheners were a perfect match to the Detail Spray scent we all know and love, and the premium perfumes used ensure that the freshness will last, keep your car smelling great.

CAUTION - as with all air fresheners the product should never be left sitting on a surface in direct sunlight or high heat conditions as damage could occur on some plastics. Adam's recommends that air fresheners be hung from the rear view mirror, steering column, or other similar areas.