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Adam's Mystery Scent Detail Spray (READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE BUYING)

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Adam's Mystery Scent Detail Spray 16oz

Adam's Mystery Scent Detail Spray was blended in a very small batch. Mystery Detail Spray comes with a clear label so you can see how much product you use as you go.

IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED INTERNATIONAL DETAIL SPRAY PLEASE BE AWARE THIS MYSTERY DETAIL SPRAY IS THE SAME SCENTS & COLOUR.  This was not meant to be sold to the UK, we slipped through the net somehow. But we have it now, so it's yours if you want it. But please be aware if you have International Detail Spray it's the same product with a different label design. Which was not meant for international distributional.

This is the same great performing Detail Spray you've come to love with a unique scent. See if you can guess what it is!"



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