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Adam's NEW Hand Cleaner

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Adam's NEW Hand Cleaner

Now that your car looks amazing...what are we going to do about you?

    •    Scrubbing Pumice Makes Cleaning Fast
    •    Removes Oil, Grease, Grime & Dirt From Detailing
    •    Moisturizes & Conditions Skin
    •    Fresh Clean Scent
    •    13.5oz Bottle

You spend so much time working on your car, removing every speck of dust and dirt, but what about you?
Here at headquarters, we constantly found ourselves leaving the detail bay to wash up. Eventually, our legs got tired from the walk, so we decided to announce something that solves that. Simply rub Adam's Hand Cleaner on dry hands until the grease & grime dissolves, then towel off in the garage or rinse with water.  

Adam's high-performance hand cleaner with scrubbing pumice is specially designed to cut down grease and grime while breaking down the cleaners, waxes and polishes used in auto detailing. Utilizing a unique bio-based complex from Muck Daddy, Adam's hand cleaner is free of harsh pertoleum solvents, leaving your hands clean and moisturized.



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