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Adam's Premium Dispenser Pumps

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Adam's Premium Dispenser Pump (3 Pack)

  • Great for any cream product like polishes or wax
  • Dispenses an accurate amount with each press
  • No mess or dripping product
  • Fits any 16oz Adam’s Bottle
  • Made in the USA

Dispense cream products without squeezing the bottle. Our new 16oz dispenser pumps work with any cream or liquid product and is ideal for things like polishes, waxes, or soaps. No more turning the bottle upside down and squeezing to get that last bit of product!

Ever get sick of having to shake, squeeze, and struggle to get a cream product out of the bottle? These 16oz pumps make dispensing any product from a 16oz bottle easy, accurate, and clean. We love it for the polishes and its great for thinner products like Rinseless Wash!

Add it to your car wash shampoo and dispense the soap to your bucket with just a few pumps rather than shaking and squeezing the bottle upside down. These pumps are now standard on all cream products, cut you can retrofit your existing bottles with this cream pump 3-pack.