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Griots Interior Detailer

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Griots Interior Detailer 22oz - 650ml

Maintain the look and feel of all your interior surfaces, effectively dust and lightly clean them while delivering tough UV protection.

    •    Safe on vinyl, leather, metal, plastic, glass, and NAV screens
    •    Unique anti-static technology resists dust build up
    •    Wipes clean leaving no greasy feel or residue
    •    Adds a fresh citrus scent to your cabin


Interior Detailer maintains a natural look and feel for your interior surfaces, effectively dusting and lightly cleaning them while delivering strong UV protection. Further, unique anti-static technology resists dust build up on interior surfaces. Interior Detailer is safe for use on vinyl, leather, wood, painted trim, metal, carbon fiber, plastic, and even NAV screens. Get a natural, crisp, streak-free, original OEM finish with no greasy feel or residue. Simply mist and wipe using a Dual Weave Interior Towel. Interior Detailer is silicone free and leaves your cabin smelling citrus fresh and clean.



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