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Premium Microfiber Buffing Bonnets (5 pack)

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Premium Microfiber Buffing Bonnets  (5 Pack)


Size: 18 cm (7") in diameter
Colour: White
Weight: 300gsm
Contains: 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide, Ultra fine microfibre, 0.13 denier.


The Microfiber Buffing/Polishing Bonnet has extremely high polishing & detailing capabilities for all paintwork and delicate surface areas, providing superior results and economy. They can be used to apply and remove cutting compounds and polishes. Made from high quality circular woven ultrafine microfiber fabric - 300gsm to ensure optimum performance. For the best results pull your Bonnets over any foam machine pad, select a low speed on your rotary or DA polishing machine and allow nice long but slow passes. Don't apply to much pressure just let the weight of the machine do the work for you.

Washing instructions

Wash at 30 degrees with detergent but no fabric conditioner and line or tumble dry on low. Wash your Bonnets in a completely different wash to all your other microfiber to stop fibres contaminating. I also helps to give them a quick spray of APC and run them under a hot tap before the washing machine.



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