About Us


Prestige Car Care Shop came to fruition in Mallorca, Spain as a mobile valeting and detailing company.
Several years on and we have evolved into a nautical and automotive detailing specialist, having launched an online international shop serviced from the UK. 

Our passion for all things automotive, which could be worked on to achieve maximum gloss started at a young age. If your car is your passion/mistress rather than a mode of transport then you have come to the right place and can rest assured you are dealing with like minded enthusiasts. We understand how important your pride and joy is and that it deserves the very best products to suit all budgets.

We have designed our very own triple weaved drying towel called "big yellow". We made it because we felt that most offerings on the market could be improved upon.
The "Big Yellow" underwent extensive testing by professional detailers and enthusiasts alike before becoming a massive hit with multiple forum communities. It is equally appreciated by our clientele in the nautical and yachting industry.

To choose a range of products with brand association to place along side our own range of Microfiber towels/cloths was a decision we did not take lightly.

It seems the UK market is saturated with car care products, many of them new brands as well as the old tried and tested. For us, what the UK NEEDS is a massive shake up with car care products.... And now you have Adam's premium car care all the way from the USA (the country with the biggest and most demanding professional and enthusiast market in the world). We at Adam's Polishes UK have been using Adam's products for nigh on 6 years and we don't have anything negative to say against them. The Adam's range has everything a detailing professional or enthusiasts could want. We were humbled that Adam's accepted us as a reseller for its award winning range and are honoured to be able to offer the range to you, our customers.

The Adam's Polishes UK is also a proud forum sponsor of www.totalmcars.com. This forum is dedicated to all BMW enthusiasts with a passion for maintaining and modifying all things BMW. We have been supporting the site for a long time now and have enjoyed every minute. You can find the Adam's Polishes UK in the Total M cars sponsor section where we have many favourable product reviews and more in-depth threads for feedback as well as tips and tricks.

We pride ourselves on being active on enthusiast forums as we feel its important for our customers to be able to reach out to us on multiple platforms. We also feel it imperative to keep up to date with the requirements of our customers and find them more forthcoming within the comfort of their respective forums. 

You can also find prestige car care shop in the sponsor section of www.m3cutters.co.uk  as well so the biggest Detailing forum on the this planet Detailing world www.detailingworld.com

You can also find us on the official Adam's forum www.adamsforums.com/ to answer any questions or queries you many have. Thank you for taking the time to read about us and we hope this is the beginning of a long term friendship.
On a parting note, please enjoy some of our customers cars pictured below. Feel free to email over some photos of your pride and joy to 
info@adamspolishes.co.uk and we will happily add you to our hall of fame gallery.