" What our customers have to say "

I purchased one each of the prestige car care cloth range, and found them to be simply amazing! On top of that the delivery times were brilliant! But what topped it off was the customer support given when I asked how the clothes were best used to give the best performance. I cannot recommend this company enough!

Craig, Middlesbrough.

Since my love affair with my car started a few years ago I obviously found that the cleaning side of the relationship played a big part in it, so when I cleaned it I wanted to use the best products on the market so my quest began so sauce the ultimate tools to use as well and fortunately I was pointed in the direction of the prestige car cleaning cloths and since purchasing them and getting amazing results and quality cloths especaily the Big Yellow I don't think I'd be venturing else where to buy my cleaning cloths.

Tony. Bromley , Kent

I am very fussy about my beloved car, and really like it to be as clean as possible. It is way more fun driving it around when it's all shiny and sparkling. However, being female I also don't really want to spend all my life cleaning and drying it! Prestige Car Care's "big yellow" was recommended to me, and I have to say it's so fab I have two - one for my bodywork and one for my wheels. It makes drying my car a faster job than with anything else I've ever used. It dries a whole car quickly and easily with no need to wring it out at all during the process. I'm very impressed with it

Mandy, Gloucester

By far the best collection of cloths I've ever used and have now replaced all previous cloths.
From the big yellow which is the best drying cloth around to the microfibres, you can't get any better.
Excellent quality and excellent service.


Having had the pleasure of testing the prestige car care range from it's introduction into the UK market I cannot emphasis how good it is to deal with enthusiasts.
Customer service is paramount to this company which is a winning formula in my book.

Bruno, Croydon