Adam’s Ceramic Waterless

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Adam’s Ceramic WaterlessSiO2 Infused Waterless adds protection while you clean.    •    Infused with 10% SIO2    •    Leaves finish clear and protected    •    Effectively cleans with lubricated formula    •    Works on both coated and uncoated vehicles...


Adam’s Ceramic Waterless

SiO2 Infused Waterless adds protection while you clean.

    •    Infused with 10% SIO2
    •    Leaves finish clear and protected
    •    Effectively cleans with lubricated formula
    •    Works on both coated and uncoated vehicles


Just when you think our Waterless Wash could not get any better, it advances with a massive upgrade in protective technology. Our Waterless Wash is a go-to wipe down necessity for any show goer, or shine fanatic that wants a streak-free shine every time. Now packed with 10% SIO2 technology, this advanced formula is ideal for safely cleaning your coated vehicle but works great on non-coated vehicles too.
Here at Adam’s HQ, we use our Waterless Wash to safely remove dirt, grime, road spray, and dust, but it has always lacked a protective agent afterwards, which leaves us topping with a Spray Wax or Ceramic Boost. If you’re looking for a straight cleaner that does not leave any protection behind, then the original Waterless Wash is for you; however, with Ceramic Waterless Wash, your ceramic maintenance process just got easier by combining two steps, while allowing you to continue topping it with Ceramic Boost for that insane amount of shine and hydrophobicity!

Adam’s Ceramic Waterless Wash is a revolutionary way to clean your ceramic coated vehicle and safely remove dirt while maintaining protection. This product was designed to be used with our current Blue Waterless Wash Towel to provide a safe and easy way to clean your ceramic coated ride when proper washing methods are not available.

1. Inspect paint for large dirt particles or grit. Do not use Adam’s Ceramic Waterless Wash for extremely dirty finishes!

2. Spray product liberally onto the area to be cleaned, starting from the top and work down to mid-door level.

3. Using a blue waffle weave Waterless Wash Towel folded into fourths, lightly wipe the towel across the surface.

4. Rotate the towel to a fresh side and repeat, work in straight lines.

5. Use a second clean Waterless Wash Towel after all sides on the first towel are fully soiled. Not using a clean, dry towel will cause this product to be streaky and not wipe away streak-free.

6. Spray and wipe sections below mid-door level last.

7. After all dirt is removed, use a fresh towel to gently buff away any streaks or residue.