Adam's 6" Gray Foam Pad 5th Gen

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Adam's 6" Gray Foam PadThe perfect pad for applying Adam's Liquid Paint Sealant or any liquid wax product with your polisher     •    Adam's 5th Generation Foam Pad System    •    For Use With 5" Hook...

Adam's 6" Gray Foam Pad

The perfect pad for applying Adam's Liquid Paint Sealant or any liquid wax product with your polisher

    •    Adam's 5th Generation Foam Pad System
    •    For Use With 5" Hook & Loop Backing Plates
    •    Ultra-Fine Foam Designed to Apply Liquid Sealants or Waxes
    •    Applies a Thin Even Coating for Maximum Results
    •    Made in the USA

As machine polishers have advanced, so have the demands of the pads that attach to them. Adam’s is proud to introduce our Generation 5 Heavy Duty Foam Pad System.
Each aspect of the pad design has been carefully considered to deliver maximum performance, durability, and results. Featuring a new and improved high-grip velcro backing for maximum adhesion and minimal pad slip these pads will hold tighter to your machine reducing the chances of an errant pad or mid-polishing delamination in even the most extreme conditions. The heavy duty neoprene mid-base translates maximum mechanical movement from the polisher to paint thru the low profile foam face, reducing wasted effort and optimizing the polishing power of the tool. The flat face and wedge design provide supreme stability and can withstand the riggors of todays large orbit and forced rotation polishing machines. To aid with cooling, plus reduce weight each pad has a precision cut center hole that can also be used to aid in centering the pad on the backing plate.

Color coordinated to Adam's Liquid Paint Sealant, the Adam's 6" Gray Foam Sealant and Waxing Pad was specifically designed to apply a thin, even, coating of our premium sealant in order to maximize results. The non-abrasive foam compound keeps liquids on the surface of the pad reducing wasted product and keeping your pads easy to clean. The flat face provides positive and complete suface contact reducing the changes of high spots promoting faster product cure times and more even finishing. Use the Adam's 6" Gray Foam Pads are perfect not only for applying our Liquid Paint Sealant, but Buttery Wax, or any liquid wax you prefer.

Extensive testing and development was done to make sure that each aspect of the Adam's 5th Generation foam pad system maximized performance on a variety of polishers, so matter what tool you choose to use rest assured that you'll see maximum performance. The Adam's 6" Gray Foam Sealing and Waxing Pads work perfect with the Rupes LHR15ES 15mm Polisher and Porter Cable 7424xp equipped with a 5" backing plate.