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Adam's Leather Scented Air Freshener

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Adam's Leather Scented Air Freshener

Our customers have begged, petitioned and voted on a leather scented Air Freshener for months. We finally gave in. Say hello to our new Leather Scented Air Freshener with this limited edition artwork.

    •   Leather Scented (Like Our Conditioner!)
    •   Made in the USA
    •   Smell Lasts For Weeks

When our customers talk, we listen. It took us a few months to source the perfect leather scent for these, but we nailed it! Welcome our new Leather Scented Air Fresheners these smell just like our Leather Conditioner.

CAUTION - as with all air fresheners the product should never be left sitting on a surface in direct sunlight or high heat conditions as damage could occur on some plastics. Adam's recommends that air fresheners be hung from the rear view mirror, steering column, or other similar areas.



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