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Blue Premium Glass Cloths (5 pack)

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Blue Premium Glass Cloths 5 Pack


Colour: Blue
Size: 40x40cm
Weight: 300gsm
Contains: 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide, Ultra fine microfiber, 0.13 denier.


This microfiber cloth is specifically designed to use on glass. Glass can be a difficult surface to clean and dry without leaving streak/water marks, with this glass cloth it's a breeze.

The premium glass cloth is a double sided cloth, the first side is to be used with products to clean and remove any dirt and grime. The second side is to buff and dry the glass. We suggest having 2-4 glass cloths on the go at any one time. Two cloths folded for adding product and two ready to dry and buff. We also advise to spray your glass cleaning product onto the cloth as opposed to spray straight onto the glass. This means if you're a bad aim you will not create overspray on your paint or other glass areas that you have already cleaned and buffed.


For best results fold the towel into a square. Select the correct side for adding product and clean. Repeat until dirt is removed, then buff with an alternate cloth.

Washing instructions

Wash at 30 degrees with detergent but no fabric conditioner and line or tumble dry on low. Wash your glass cloths in a completely different wash to all your other microfiber to stop fibres contaminating your plush towels and other microfiber products.