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Interior Microfibre Mitt

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Interior Cleaning Mitt

  • Colour: Grey
  • Weight : 420gsm
  • Contains :20% Polyester, 80% Polypropylene, Ultra fine Microfibre, 0.13 denier


Cleaning your interior can be a difficult task for a number of reasons. For us, getting into all the nooks & crannies with a normal Microfibre can be very testing at the best of times.  Also making sure your not spraying product into sensitive areas you can’t reach is another big factor.

Now we have a solution for these difficult areas with Prestige's New Interior Microfibre Mitt. It allows you to have complete control over the areas & surfaces you are cleaning. This super soft, deep pile 420gsm mitt is safe to use on all surfaces including your instrument clusters and nav screens. It’s important to be in complete control of over spraying chemicals because if you don’t completely remove them they can cause staining. The best method to tackle this is to spray your cleaner/detailer straight onto the mitt. Apply over the target area and then simply flip the mitt over to the other fresh side to remove any spent product. We would recommend using Adam’s Interior Detailer as it’s a fantastic all round product to be using with this mitt, mainly because you don’t need to apply much product to get the amazing results. Another HUGE factor we cannot over look with this Mitt is it's ability to remove residue from waxes, polishes and sealant. As the Mitt has a deep plush pile and a soft hemmed edge it’s a great option to have in your Microfibre arsenal.

Washing instructions

Wash at 30 degrees with detergent but no fabric conditioner and line or tumble dry on low. Wash your glass cloths in a completely different wash to all your other microfiber to stop fibres contaminating.



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