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Mystery Box

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So what's all this Mystery Box business about then?

Well, in a nutshell you pay £39.99 for your Mystery Box. Inside will be a completely random assortment of products from our store. Every box has a value of over  £50, several boxes are worth well over £100! Everybody that's lucky enough to get their hands on a Mystery Box is a winner, what will yours be worth?...

This Mystery box is a roll of a dices product & has been a HUGE hit for all our customers that fancy a gamble.

There are ONLY 75 Mystery Boxes available and they won't last long, so grab one while you get the chance!

Important information

We have set up a special shipping rate for customers purchasing a Mystery Box. Simply add a mystery box to your basket and at the checkout select the £5 shipping option rather than the £8.99 option.

Terms and conditions

By purchasing this item you are agreeing to our terms & conditions set for this promotional offer.
  • All Mystery boxes are exempt from any discount codes
  • This a non refundable item
  • You cannot exchange this item