Adam's NEW Ceramic Paste Wax

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Adam's NEW Ceramic Paste Wax Premium Ceramic Paste Wax can be used as stand alone protection, or to extend the longevity of your ceramic coating. Fully Synthetic Paste Wax (6.5oz) Apply Over a Ceramic Coating...

Adam's NEW Ceramic Paste Wax

Premium Ceramic Paste Wax can be used as stand alone protection, or to extend the longevity of your ceramic coating.

  • Fully Synthetic Paste Wax (6.5oz)
  • Apply Over a Ceramic Coating or Use as a Standalone Protection Product
  • Extreme Hydrophobic Properties
  • Increased Resistance to Repeated Washes
  • Lasts Up to Twice as Long as a Traditional Carnauba Wax Per Application
  • Made in the USA


Waxes, Sealants, and Ceramic Coatings all provide your vehicle with two common things: protection and a high gloss shine. When you go through a washing regimen to maintain your vehicle’s condition, one of the most important steps is what degree of protection you use. Waxes are most common and the most “old school” method of protecting your vehicle. Sealants are a bit more versatile and robust when it comes to UV protection and durability, but they don’t always shine the brightest out of the two. Ceramic Coatings are one of the newest advances in vehicle finish protection, packed full with technology and cutting edge science to protect your vehicle the longest, and shine the brightest. Ceramics contain Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) that hardens as silica, the main ingredient in glass.

Our product development team has been hard at work on our newest offfering, Adam's Ceramic Paste Wax.

Adam's Ceramic Paste Wax is a fully-synthetic, silica-infused paste wax. It serves as a third option to the paste wax offerings at Adam’s, where we have a traditional carnauba paste wax (Americana Paste Wax), a silica-infused carnauba paste wax (Patriot Wax), and now a fully synthetic, silica-infused paste wax containing no natural waxes (Ceramic Paste Wax). 

This special formula works outstanding on any paint finish, but it is perfect for use as a topper over a ceramic coating, if you have the urge to apply a wax onto a coated vehicle. We receive dozens of phone calls and emails asking if it is safe to apply our Paint Sealant, Buttery Wax, Detail Spray, Americana, H2O Guard & Gloss, and so on over a ceramic coated vehicle. While you can apply these products over a ceramic coating, they can detract from the behavior of the coating itself. This is where Adam's Ceramic Paste Wax fits into the detail process - it's the perfect option for those that wish to apply another layer of wax protection on top of a ceramic coating, but it works amazing on non-coated vehicles too!

At 33% SiO2 content, Adam's Ceramic Paste Wax provides increased detergency resistance (more stability through multiple washes), temperature stability (higher melting point), and greater hydrophobic behavior (more water repellancy) over its natural counterparts. Since this wax is inorganic, this also makes it more uniform, as it is not based on a naturally derived wax. This Ceramic Paste Wax can last up to twice as long per application as a traditional carnauba paste wax. Application is nearly as easy as a carnauba wax, but it can be a little more difficult to work with if left to reside on the surface for too long or if worked over too large of a surface area at once (as is traditionally done). It should be treated slightly different, by applying it to one panel at a time or smaller and then removing with a plush microfiber towel before moving onto the next area.


1. Wash and dry vehicle. Clay and polish for best results. Move vehicle indoors or into the shade if possible.

2. Apply wax over a small area, one panel or smaller at a time. Apply to paint only - avoid textured plastic and rubber trim.

3. Allow wax to haze. Do not allow wax to cure onto surface for a lengthy period of time or on a large area, as this can increse the effort required for removal.

4. Remove residue using an Adam's Premium Microfiber Towel.